Talk about a high wire act! In 2018 the Hult Center for the Preforming Arts needed to install a new lighting system for the Lion King Production. The only catch was the lighting system needed to be suspended some 60 feet above the stage, all without interfering with the aesthetic of the beautifully designed Sylva Hall basket weaved ceiling!

The key to this projects’ success stemmed from MAE working with the expert guidance of the Hult Center Staff. We also relied on the specialized contractors Extreme Access to finalize a design solution that met all the projects structural needs, was feasible to construct and maintained the desired visual style.

Our final agile structural design, involved constructing three steel anchor points within the Hult Centers existing concrete bulb truss system. This system would then support steel columns and a beam below. The Hult Centers rigging team would then have the ability to tie off the Lion Kings specialized lighting truss where they needed it, and then be able to remove it after the performance was over.

Sometimes our clients have unique and lofty expectations. The team at MAE has the tools and expertise to take on even the most challenging of projects.

Hult Center for the Preforming Arts – Sylva Hall
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