Professional Engineering Services Since 1973

Our culture rests in our focus on professionalism, making our clients a priority, and the desire to build strong, enduring relationships with our clients and team members.

MAE Engineering has provided services to clients in the Pacific Northwest and throughout North America since 1973. We strive to understand the particular goals and priorities of each project. We take pride in our ability to satisfy the needs of the architects, designers and builders. Our goal is to assist our clients by creating structures that are efficient, practical and enduring.

Our core values of Trust, Stability, Value and Professionalism are the basis of everything we do at Mortier Ang Engineers. These values influence how we manage our organization, provide for our clients, develop our team members into high-level engineers, create value in our designs, and how we support our people. Our dedication to these values has created a culture that is geared to help our clients, our team, and our companies continually succeed. With over 45 years  investigation and consulting, we know that our clients need simplicity when it’s easy, innovation when it’s complex, and support when it’s difficult.

Our History

Our team started as a one-man show in downtown Eugene, Oregon in July of 1973. Emile “Mort” Mortier had taken a long path to wind up in the small community of Eugene. This path taught him to appreciate what he had and to support those around him. Born and raised near Detroit, Michigan to Belgian immigrants he learned hard work and taking care of the customer at age 11 as a newsie during World War II and the great depression. Taking on so many customers and routes that he worked longer hours than most adults, he’d tout that he never missed a delivery. Earning degrees in Architecture and Engineering, Mort learned how to combine elegance with functionality. These ideals still resonate with the company today. 

The company, originally founded as Mortier Engineering, quickly found success and expanded to add a number of talented Engineers to its team, including future Senior Engineers Jok Ang and Gary Froehlich. In 1994, Jok left Mortier Engineering to establish his own company, Ang Engineering Group, with Gary Froehlich soon joining him. Over the years, both firms continued to grow and enjoyed a long-lasting professional relationship with one another.

After nearly 25 years of collaboration, Mortier Engineering and Ang Engineering Group merged to become MAE Engineering. The company has grown to be a symbol of service excellence under the leadership and guidance of our senior engineering team. 

Founder Emile “Mort” Mortier